Windows Server Core Error - SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index

When trying to edit the network settings of an adapter through sconfig, the following error message is received when selecting the interface index required.

C:\Windows\system32\en-US\sconfig.vbs (696, 21) SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index

sconfig error

After some investigation, it appears sconfig will throw this error if IPv6 is disabled on the selected adapter. (We tend to disable IPv6 as part of the build process internally)

To resolve this, from the PowerShell prompt, run the following:

Enable-NetAdapterBinding -InterfaceAlias $INTERFACENAME –ComponentID ms_tcpip6

After running this, you should be able to edit the adapter settings as normal.

Note: If you want to enable IPv6 on all the adapters, you can run the following instead:

Get-NetAdapterBinding | Enable-NetAdapterBinding –ComponentID ms_tcpip6