Upgrade SQL Express to SQL Standard

If you'd like to upgrade a SQL Express instance to a SQL Standard instance via an in place upgrade, it's nice and easy to do through the inbuilt wizard within the SQL Setup GUI. Select Edition Upgrade from the Maintenance menu Click Next Enter the SQL product key Accept the license terms Select the required instance (Usually MSSQLSERVER) Click Next Click Upgrade Upgrade Complete! Run the following query to confirm [Read More]

Rename Windows Server Domain Controllers

To rename a DC with the name from SERVER-DC01 in the domain.local domain to SERVER-DC02 follow the next steps: Open Command Prompt as an Administrator and type: NETDOM computername SERVER-DC01.domain.local /add:SERVER-DC02.domain.local Ensure the computer account updates and DNS registrations are completed, then type: NETDOM computername SERVER-DC01.domain.local /makeprimary:SERVER-DC02.domain.local Restart the computer. From the command prompt, type: NETDOM computername SERVER-DC02.domain. [Read More]