VeeamON 2017 Roundup Part 1 - What is VeeamON?

So after a week of recovery from the wonders VeeamOn and New Orleans had for me, I thought I'd put together some brief posts to outline the major announcements that Veeam had for us at VeeamON this year. Firstly, what is VeeamON? VeeamON is Veeam's annual conference, coined as The World’s Premier Availability Event. This year the event was held at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. [Read More]

HTML Report of all Veeam Backup Copy Jobs in Powershell

Due to the way our infrastructure operates, we have a number of remote sites backing up to a central Veeam repository (~300 branches at present) We get a number of requests from the network team on bandwidth usage issues which is always finger pointed at the Veeam Backup Copy jobs. I put together the following Powershell script to report on all the Backup Copy jobs currently configured and return their [Read More]