Send a Notification to Microsoft Teams via PowerShell

If you're not interested in all the words below, you can jump straight to the script here - Having recently moved internally, to Microsoft Teams from Slack, we needed to adapt our scripts and monitoring solutions to send our alerts to our new endpoint. I've created the following small PowerShell function to do all the payload compliation in the background to reduce the work required [Read More]

Hyper-V Storage Migration Failed

Whilst trying to migrate the storage location of a 2012 Hyper-V VM, you may encounter the following error: Storage Migration “Operation not allowed for VM because Hyper-V State is yet to be initialized from Virtual Machine Configuration” (0x80070015) To resolve the issue, simply restart the VM Management Service on the Hyper-V host by running the following PowerShell command: Restart-Service VMMS Then retry the migration and the task should complete successfully. [Read More]

Reset Azure VPN Gateway

If you lose connectivity across your S2S Azure VPN, you can reset the gateway device using the following PowerShell script. Resource Manager Deployment Model Classic Deployment Model [Read More]