Hyper-V Storage Migration Failed

Whilst trying to migrate the storage location of a 2012 Hyper-V VM, you may encounter the following error: Storage Migration “Operation not allowed for VM because Hyper-V State is yet to be initialized from Virtual Machine Configuration” (0x80070015) To resolve the issue, simply restart the VM Management Service on the Hyper-V host by running the following PowerShell command: Restart-Service VMMS Then retry the migration and the task should complete successfully. [Read More]

Windows Server Core Error - SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index

When trying to edit the network settings of an adapter through sconfig, the following error message is received when selecting the interface index required. C:\Windows\system32\en-US\sconfig.vbs (696, 21) SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index After some investigation, it appears sconfig will throw this error if IPv6 is disabled on the selected adapter. (We tend to disable IPv6 as part of the build process internally) To resolve this, from the [Read More]