Speed Up The Exchange Management Console

BE ADVISED THAT THE FOLLOWING IS A SECURITY RISK. IF YOU WISH TO PROCEED, DISABLE IT ONLY FROM THE MACHINE WHERE YOU ARE USING THE EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE IN A SECURE ENVIRONMENT AND NOT ON THE EXCHANGE SERVERS THEMSELVES. On startup, the Exchange Management Console (EMC), and the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) try to connect to the Certificate Revocation List to verify any SSL certificates in use. By disabling this [Read More]

Maximum number of Exchange accounts in an Outlook profile

Beginning with Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can open more than one Exchange account in your Outlook profile. Microsoft Outlook 2010 supports up to 15 accounts in your profiles. But, by default it is limited to 5 accounts. In Outlook 2013 the default is 10 accounts and the maximum allowed is 9999 accounts. If the administrator wants to allow more (or less) than the default number of accounts, he or she [Read More]