VeeamON 2017 Roundup Part 1 - What is VeeamON?

So after a week of recovery from the wonders VeeamOn and New Orleans had for me, I thought I'd put together some brief posts to outline the major announcements that Veeam had for us at VeeamON this year. Firstly, what is VeeamON? VeeamON is Veeam's annual conference, coined as The World’s Premier Availability Event. This year the event was held at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. [Read More]

Reset Azure VPN Gateway

If you lose connectivity across your S2S Azure VPN, you can reset the gateway device using the following PowerShell script. Resource Manager Deployment Model Classic Deployment Model [Read More]

Dell 12G Server Stuck at "Initializing Firmware Interfaces...

We've recently experienced an issue with an old Dell PowerEdge T320 which was taking a long time (30-45 minutes) to boot. If you look at the progress of the server through the iDrac, it appears to have hung during the initial POST at "Initializing Firmware Interfaces..." In our case, the issue was related to USB drives being plugged in to the server. A full update of all the [Read More]

Windows Server Core Error - SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index

When trying to edit the network settings of an adapter through sconfig, the following error message is received when selecting the interface index required. C:\Windows\system32\en-US\sconfig.vbs (696, 21) SWbemObjectEx: Invalid index After some investigation, it appears sconfig will throw this error if IPv6 is disabled on the selected adapter. (We tend to disable IPv6 as part of the build process internally) To resolve this, from the [Read More]